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I am writing to let you know there are a number of scams that we are seeing at the moment from people reporting to be from the ATO, involving phone calls, emails and text messages.

If this has or happens to involve you in the future please adhere to the following:

1.       Do not speak to anyone claiming to be from the ATO by giving out personal details. If someone claims to be from the ATO please take their name, number and pass these details on to us either via email (  or phone . We are your registered tax agents and all ATO communication should come directly to us.

2.       Do not respond to any direct emails from email address claiming to be from the ATO, please forward these directly to for our attention. The ATO does not send direct emails to people.

3.       Do not respond to any text messages from people claiming to be from the ATO. Please notify us either via email ( or phone and provide us with a description of the message.

For more information about ATO scams and fraudulent information please visit the ATO's webpage

All scams and fraudulent information we become aware of is sent directly to the ATO for reporting to maintain our highest level of security for our clients here at the Macro Group.


Kind Regards

Nicole Bryant



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