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As you may have noticed, our tax authorisation forms come with a digital signature option. This option allows for you to sign this form, without having to print this and scan it back to us.

This year we aim to implement this option on more of our pdf documents to improve efficiency.

What are some of the benefits of using the digital signature option?

1.    Added security:

a.    The digital signature provides more security than an electronic signature. It provides a password protected method of signing documents. 

b.    Each signer has safe and secure access to his or her own key.

c.    Digital signatures cannot be altered by unauthorised parties.

2.    It will save you time and money in lodging your returns:

a.    It allows for you to sign your authorisation documents without having to print these off to sign.

b.    There is less time with postal delays or the potential for lost documents in the mail and you can save on the cost of registered post to return these documents to us.


If you are having trouble using this option, please note that it will not work on iPhone or iPad devices.

If you are interested in using this option, please see our guide on how to set up your digital signature.

 If you have any queries regarding this email, please contact the Macro Group office.

Kind Regards,

Nicole and The Macro Group Team

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